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Toots Shor is many things to many people,” said Edward R. Murrow of the legendary Manhattan saloonkeeper in 1955. A friend to the famous, a crook to the feds, father, brother, gambler, bum, but most of all Toots Shor was the owner of America’s greatest saloon. Directed by his granddaughter, TOOTS is a provocative, loving and unmistakably authentic portrait of the self-made, unapologetic and quintessentially American man who became the unlikely den-mother to the heroes of America's golden age. Politicians and gangsters, sports heroes and movie stars Sinatra, Gleason, DiMaggio, Ruth, Costello, Eisenhower, Nixon, Warren--for 30 years, they all found their way to Toots' eponymous saloon on New York's West 51st Street. From its post-WW II heyday to its devastating decline in the 1970s, TOOTS reveals as much about the city Toots loved as it does about this self-made, unapologetic, quintessentially American man and his enduring legacy.

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    With this SPECIAL PACKAGE, you'll get access to not only the FEATURE FILM, but to a host of extra features as well--including a COMMENTARY BY THE DIRECTOR (and granddaughter of Toots Shor) Kristi Jacobson, as well as EXTENDED INTERVIEWS with some of the legends featured in the film.

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    In this EXTRAS bundle, get access to commentary by the director, Kristi Jacobson (who is also the granddaughter of Toots Shor), as well as EXTENDED INTERVIEWS with some of the legends featured in the film.

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